Going Deeper

It has been a while since I’ve published a poem on this blog, and there is a reason.   I’ve been preparing myself to write about more serious personal issues.

About a year ago, I had a profound, life-changing experience. I went on a two-day retreat in which I did nothing but eat, sleep, and read and reflect on my friend Cathy Wild’s forthcoming book − Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out

For years, I had been aware of a significant weakness in all my creative endeavors: an inability to face directly the frightening memories that shaped my childhood and young adulthood. As a result, almost everything serious that I wrote – especially my one novel and most of my short stories − seemed incomplete, as though I always chose to leave the wrong things out.

As I read Cathy’s book of wise guidance and personal insight, I experienced something I had never experienced before – a conversion, a blossoming of faith. I finally accepted that my deepest secrets, secrets I used to hide, were a source of creative power. And in accepting that, I accepted myself.

In the near future, I will post a poem I’ve written about one of those deep secrets – my mother’s alcoholism.   More work about that and other secrets will follow.


2 thoughts on “Going Deeper

  1. I look forward, Guy.

    Yes, to speak from the heart, to speak honestly, is not simply hard, it’s often impossible. Many people, myself included, get stuck in some view of who we are, from our youth; and we find how to make that safe, because as a child, we need to survive. We develop strategies, we don armor. And then, we carry draggle that armor, into our future selves, thinking it’s all okay, yet wondering, 3:30 in the morning, about the heavy tug, the dark shapes in the corner.

    So, Guy, however you move forward, know that your friends (geez, you already know all this) and I, have a deep love for you. You can be whoever you are.

    Write your poems, dude.


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