Two More Uncoupled Couplets

You can find my explanation of uncoupled couplets here.


On her white breast a sparkling cross she wore
…Removable, the Tattoo Artist swore.

A sweet disorder in the dress
…From sleeping in it, I confess.


Uncoupled Couplets

In 1966, William Cole produced a small book entitled: “Uncoupled Couplets”. The idea was to take a line from a poem by a famous poet and add a ridiculous or at least telling rhyming line.   For example  (From the book):

Oliver Goldsmith:  “When lovely woman stoops to folly,”
…”I want to be around, by golly!”

Here are two of my own:

Robert Herrick: “When as in silks, My Julia goes,”
…”The outline of her girdle shows.”

Lord Byron: “Did ye not hear it?  No! ‘Twas but the wind”
…”Escaping from my nether end.”


This is fun; expect some more.