Variation on a Theme by Shakespeare

My original post on variations is here. The theme in question in this verse is Hotspur’s death speech from the end of Henry the Fourth, Part One.   This verse treats the material quite differently than the original; it was written a bit later than the first two variations –  around 1971.

Why is there sadness?
Why tears?
Why artificial barriers?
What was; is. What will be; was.
Why should life be Time’s Fool’
To fool us because we cannot see?
All of Time exists.
We have but a little bit if it,
To hug, and hold, and do kind deeds,
Our piece of Time, of course, must have a stop,
So let’s begin.


Unconventional Light Verse

When I was young, I developed an unseemly passion for turning serious poetry forms into light verse. The following Shakespearian sonnet is from 1970:

Consider, friend, the paradox of life:
It’s all you have, and all you’re sure to lose.
All that you do – grow up, pick out a wife,
Owes more to Chance than I, for one, would choose. Continue reading