My Eyebrow Curls Like the Devil's 1955

This is the second in an occasional series of autobiographical poems.... The Gaylynn was only a quarter; The serial started at ten. Saturday, every weekend, I walked to the movies with Ben. The game, as we walked along North Street, To walk swiftly, missing each crack. And Ben, whose stride was much longer, Left me […]

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Two More Uncoupled Couplets

You can find my explanation of uncoupled couplets here.   Pope: On her white breast a sparkling cross she wore ...Removable, the Tattoo Artist swore. Herrick: A sweet disorder in the dress ...From sleeping in it, I confess.  

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Another Double Dactyl

Higgledy-Piggledy! Christopher Robin said: "I'm feeling peckish; I hope you won't fret. It's merely a touch of my Hypoglycemia, A few bites of candy Will fix it, I'll bet."

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The Populist Imperative

My grandfather, John Conner, Professor of Government at Texas A&i University (now part of Texas A&M) was proud to call himself a populist.  For him, it  meant standing up for the little guy, for supporting workers and farmers, rather than the big business elite.  Above all, populism was about equality for ordinary citizens under the […]

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Grues (Also Knowm as Little Willies)

In the late 50's , my father was fond of sitting by the fireplace in his underwear, sometimes with a beer in hand, and reciting verses.  Father William, Jabberwocky, and the like from Lewis Carroll were particular favorites, but the verse he recited most often, was this (it exists in many variants): Little Willie, in […]

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Limited Time Offer

Buy one book, get one free! A special book offer here  

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Meeting Lyndon Johnson

In the summer of 1960, I was a high school Junior in Sacramento with an almost brand new driver's license and two burning ambitions:  to get the use of one of the family cars, and to get myself a date.   I was ecstatic when my father finally gave in on the use of the car.   […]

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Kingsville, 1951

This is the first in a series of explicitly autobiographical poems I intend to post: “Do you have a knife, boy? I watched his fingers as they Tapped the arm of his chair. “Every boy needs a knife." I wanted one, all right, One like his, Small and sharp and bright with the sun I […]

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A is for Arnyx Illustration

                                                            A typical illustration from my book of children's verse:  "A is for Arnyx"

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Uncoupled Couplets

In 1966, William Cole produced a small book entitled: "Uncoupled Couplets". The idea was to take a line from a poem by a famous poet and add a ridiculous or at least telling rhyming line.   For example  (From the book): Oliver Goldsmith:  "When lovely woman stoops to folly," ..."I want to be around, by golly!" […]

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