Variation On a Children's Poem

Some time ago, I wrote my first post on the concept of poetic variations.  The following is a variation on a famous children's poem from two hundred years ago. Variation on the Spider to the Fly "Won't you come into my parlor?", said the spider to the fly. "I have practiced misdirection, and on you…

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Poems inspired by Songs - 1 Little Alfy

In an earlier post (here), I said that I was going  to post, at some point,  some of the verses I wrote that were inspired by popular songwriters.  This first one (I think it's obvious, but I'll say it anyway) was inspired by the Beatles. Little Alfy Little Alfy, my boy, went down, don't you…

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My First Guest Post

Guest Blogger Guy Conner It's about Climate Change Politics..

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Do Unto Others...

If we have a representative democracy in this country, that means, or should mean, that elected officials are the representatives of the people - they take our place, and represent our interests and well-being. One of the most pernicious ideas to gain currency in my lifetime is the notion that there is something inherently corrupting…

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Another French Translation

This is my translation of the famous introduction to the Flowers of Evil, just as I wrote it some twenty years ago.   My goal was to reproduce the rhyme scheme of the original  ( so much easier in French) and to give the English reader a sense of the poet's overripe imagery.   You can judge…

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A Rock

The following poem was my reaction to the Kent State Shootings in 1970.  It is yet another sonnet ( I seem to have written a lot of them).  If I were writing the poem today, I would make the secret urge line more ambiguous, and I would make the link to Kent State more explicit. …

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Hiking has been one of my favorite activities for most of my life, but this is my only poem to use hiking imagery. Sometimes Sometimes, I come upon you from above, My muscles aching from the dusty trail, My throat parched, and my eyes on fire. And just As I begin my slow descent, I…

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Another Autobiographical Poem - Beaumont, 1953

Although I have lived in California most of my life, I was born in Beaumont, Texas, and I lived in the Deep South until I was 12.  It was still the Jim Crow era in the South in those days, and many white people bore their prejudice like a badge of honor.   I was fortunate…

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Another Dream Poem

  When I first posted about a dream poem , here.  It got me to thinking about other poems that had come to me in a dream.  I realized that I had presented another dream poem to my writer's group back in the nineties, but had set it aside, because there were problems with it.  …

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You've Got to Know the Territory

[See my earlier post on polling here] Candidates in down-ticket races have  a problem - they need professional help to run their campaigns, but, unless they are independently wealthy, they usually  can't afford the price of a professional political consultant.  For small cities (in my area of California, we have a number of incorporated cities…

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