Kingsville, 1951

This is the first in a series of explicitly autobiographical poems I intend to post: “Do you have a knife, boy? I watched his fingers as they Tapped the arm of his chair. “Every boy needs a knife." I wanted one, all right, One like his, Small and sharp and bright with the sun I…

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A is for Arnyx Illustration

                                                            A typical illustration from my book of children's verse:  "A is for Arnyx"

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Uncoupled Couplets

In 1966, William Cole produced a small book entitled: "Uncoupled Couplets". The idea was to take a line from a poem by a famous poet and add a ridiculous or at least telling rhyming line.   For example  (From the book): Oliver Goldsmith:  "When lovely woman stoops to folly," ..."I want to be around, by golly!"…

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The seventh and final principle of political life is Leadership: political leadership should honor and uphold these principles.  I have trouble with this one as a principle.  Political leaders are, by definition politicians, and politicians should honor and uphold these principles.   It seems circular.

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Two more Clerihews

Carl Sagan Dates an extraterrestrial pagan. Late at night, he waits alone Beside his cosmic telephone. Percy Bysshe Shelley Had a taste for citric jelly. When he tasted lemon-lime, He would burst into a rhyme.

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The sixth principle of political life is honesty.  To this point, I have been discussing flaws in a series of idealistic principles and giving my take in how to improve them.  This principle needs no improvement; politicians should be honest in their financial dealings; honest in their policy discussions (don't let ideology blind you to…

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Political Light Verse

Have you ever noticed that light verse ages well, especially if it has political undertones? Consider the following: Most gracious Queen, we thee implore To go away and sin no more. But if that effort be too great, To go away at any rate. That's amusing, even if you don't know that the reference is…

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The Fifth Principle of Political Life is Openness: information should be restricted only when necessary for the public interest.  By now, you will have figured out that I am inclined to think that this kind of idealistic statement needs some modification.   Sometimes, the modifications I make are to make sure the Principle is focused on…

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Variation on a Theme by Shakespeare

My original post on variations is here. The theme in question in this verse is Hotspur's death speech from the end of Henry the Fourth, Part One.   This verse treats the material quite differently than the original; it was written a bit later than the first two variations -  around 1971. Why is there sadness?…

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My second published poem

From  Copperfield's Literary Magazine, June 1992 (you can find the first here) Moody House: Winter 1971 From the window of my grandparents' room, I see an empty, defenseless beach Exposing itself at the edge of town. From time to time, the ocean smacks its lips And licks another layer off. The room is square, and…

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