An anti-war sonnet

(from 2004-2005) Old men, not young, should go to war. The young are fearless, older men have learned acceptance.  Even when They're faced with death, it cannot mar The record of the life they've led. They'll fight with calm, the almost dead. Young men will often go too far, Old men, not young, should go…

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Accountability is the fourth Principle of Political Life.  All officeholders are accountable, and should be held to be accountable by the voters. Unfortunately, once again there is a problem.  The average voter simply doesn't know enough about the purview and duties of public officeholders to properly call them to account.  See my post on Civics. …

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The third Principle of Political Life is Objectivity:  appointments and similar decisions should be made on the basis of merit. At first glance, this would appear too be the purest of principles: who would argue for appointments on any basis but merit?  Well, I would, sort of. Proposition 140, the second greatest mistake the voters…

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the semicinquain

The cinquain, a haiku-like verse-form, was invented in 1915 by Adelaide Crapsey Here is an example of a semicinquain, a verse form I invented in 2011.   The semicinquain is a variant of the didactic cinquain and consists of five lines, the first of which is one syllable, the second two syllables, the third three…

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Book Giveaway

I am giving away free copies of my book of children's verse  A is for Arnyx.   The giveaway is managed by  Visit my Book Page to enter.   It just takes a click.

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my books


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Integrity is the second principle of political life as discussed here.   No financial obligation should be accepted if it undermines the politician's position. Once again, the wording of the principle raises difficulties.  What does it mean, to undermine a politician's position?  In my view, the simple acceptance of a financial contribution says nothing about…

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Desi speaks: a haiku

Your role: to seek out Itching skin behind my ear. Mine: to softly purr

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Meeting Bill Kortum

I attended the memorial for Bill Kortum last Saturday.   It was an appropriate, modest ceremony, in keeping with Bill's personality.   No one mentioned the fact that he was one of the most important environmental leaders in the history of California. Someone asked at the ceremony where we had each met Bill.   And it struck me…

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Religious Experience

The following little piece from 1971 has stuck in my mind ever since.  It is a kind of sonnet, as well as a kind of introduction as to how I approached spiritual matters in those days: Mystery.  And warm desire. Tending to the sacred fire Frees a young girl's sacred urges Religion. And the sacred…

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