The Palace

Here's a recently rediscovered poem that I wrote when I was about twenty.  I suspect that the "beatings" suggested in the text were emotional rather than physical: otherwise it seems surprisingly modern.  It didn't have a title, so I am calling it "The Palace."   In a dark, deserted palace Where the sun must never…

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An Adaptation

I've been recently in my acting class with a modern adaption on Chekov's Uncle Vanya, a play called "Life Sucks," it occurred to me that I could apply the concept of an adaptation to some of the translations I was doing.   In other words, I would translate the original poem into English and then turn it…

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The poem below, a haiku, was in my head, completely written when I woke up this morning:   Death Vigil: The Eighth Day -- A Poem Whose Title is Longer Than Itself Her breath is raspy. Outside, rain begins to fall. Even God is sad.

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poetry reading 2

I promised several people that I would repost this; I will also do a Facebook invitation.   I am pleased to announce that I plan to do my first poetry reading at the Atlas Coffee Company, 300 South A St, Ste 4 Santa Rosa on Wednesday, January 31st. Doors open at 6PM; readings start around…

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A Brief Foray into Politics

I was speaking the other day before a group of people that I hadn’t known for very long about the need for a new constitutional convention. I advanced the opinion that the flaws that have become obvious in our governmental structure – the disproportionate representation for rural areas, the electoral college, the ludicrous notion that…

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Hermits and the Internet

The Hermit The hermit, huddled on the hill, Tries, by exercise of will, To do away with loneliness. Yet he is a hermit still. His aged hands, beridged by time, Are streaked with blood, and dust, and grime. (The cuts are wrapped without success.) All this the fruit of his weary climb. Down there, the…

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Reflections on Time

Reflections on Time This is the first of a series of brief essays that expand upon the ideas expressed in my poems. Let me begin with a poem: Time’s Fools Time is the Master that controls us all. What was, is. What will be, was. We are all Time’s Fools, Who clown and caper as…

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Poetry Reading

I am pleased to announce that I plan to do my first poetry reading at the Atlas Coffee Company, 300 South A St, Ste 4 Santa Rosa on Wednesday, January 31st.  Doors open at 6PM; readings start around 6:45

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Courtship Feeling foolish, imbecilic, Clutching flowers in his hand, He somehow marshals, like a brave boy, All the courage at his command. Knocks quite softly, taps the doorbell, Dreads the moment she appears If he leaves now, before she answers, He won’t confront his deepest fears. The door is open, she regards him With a…

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I'm back on this blog

Look for much more on this blog in the coming weeks - politics and essays will be added in the near future.  Meanwhile, here is a rewritten version of a poem that I posted some time ago.   Afterglow They say the spirit lingers after death, Or so I hope; there’s so much more to…

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