Guy Conner has always had eclectic interests. In his senior year of college, he studied Quantum Mechanics and Chaucer at the same time. After he moved to California’s North Coast in 1984, he combined a career as a software engineering consultant with a sideline of acting in television commercials.

So it is not surprising that he is now blogging on the seemingly odd combination of Politics and Poetry. His background in Politics is easy to explain – for more than thirty years, he was married to the late California State Senator Pat Wiggins. Guy and Pat worked as a team as she rose from political activist to City Councilwoman to State Assemblywoman to the State Senate, where she represented more than a million people.

Guy and Pat worked together to further not only her career, but the careers of dozens of other local representatives who were dedicated to the best interests of their region. During this time, Guy worked not only as a software engineer (and as an actor) but also as a political consultant on many campaigns.

His interest in poetry takes a little more explanation. He was in the seventh grade and just turned twelve years old, when he wrote a verse that began:

Here I am in school today,
But my thoughts are far away,
Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic
All combine to make me sick

And went on for several similar verses. It made him a famous writer, at least within the confines of Dick Dowling Junior High School.

His father, a teacher, was not impressed with the quality of the verse, but he did show Guy how to scan it - 3 ½ trochaic feet. per line. He then showed Guy how it would sound if scanned in iambs instead ( much less musical) Note: you can learn about the terminology of poetic scansion here.

Thus began a lifelong fascination with the music of verse; you can find Guy’s published book of Children’s verse here.


Note: All the content of this blog is written and copyrighted by Guy Conner; all content can be quoted with attribution.


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"for 'twere absurd to think that nature in the earth bred gold, perfect in the instant;
there must be remote matter." - Ben Jonson
"I don't know what the question is, but art is the answer." - Guy Conner

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