Another Dream Poem

ed rosenthal
March 31, 2015


When I first posted about a dream poem , here.  It got me to thinking about other poems that had come to me in a dream.  I realized that I had presented another dream poem to my writer's group back in the nineties, but had set it aside, because there were problems with it.   (There will always be problems, if you transcribe an unedited dream).  I looked in my files, and there it was, with all my colleague's comments  (Thank you, Katie Alvord, Sharon Bard and Gus Kearny).  I took their comments to heart, and here it is , completely unlike anything I ever wrote before.


Before me lies the castle moat,
Its water stagnant; its depth unknown.
Nearby, a drain that runs beneath the wall
Brings excrement to the world outside.

I begin to walk around it , stumbling,
Until I reach my starting place.
There is no drawbridge; there is no gate.
I long to enter, but I can find no way.

On the castle side, a woman appears,
Dressed in dark linen, with glistening hair.
Her eyes are small and black,
And she looks at me with longing.

I call out to her, for she has turned away,
Wait! Wait!, I say, Please wait; I am coming soon!
I cannot swim, I am afraid, but I must reach her.
There is no help for it, I must face the moat.

I plunge into the water; it is deep,
But on tip-toe I can walk across.
I do so, gulping filthy water when I trip,
And stumble on a bottom branch.

The far side; my clothes are wet, my muscles ache,
And the stench of the moat has soaked me through,
But the journey has been worth the pain,
I'm finally within the castle bounds.

Outside the moat, a woman stands,
Her gown is sodden and her hair is matted.
Her eyes are small and black,
And she looks at me with longing,

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