Light Verse?

ed rosenthal
January 21, 2015

I wrote the following in my twenties, and it has long been a favorite of mine.   Is it light verse?   Is it something more?

You decide.


I spoke to Death the other day.
We had a pleasant chat.
He told me he was on his way…
But, here, no more of that.
I offered him a cup of tea.
“Rest here a bit,” I said.
He stood a moment silently,
And then inclined his head.
“One lump or two?” I asked of him,
“None,” came the reply.
“I drink it black. Seriatim*.”
“I see, of course,” said I.
“My work is hard,” he said at length,
“No time off, you know.”
“The tea was fine – the perfect strength,”
“But now I have to go,”

A gentleman, you must agree.
Some things you cannot learn.
He clearly thought a lot of me.
He promised to return.


*Seriatim  means one after another

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there must be remote matter." - Ben Jonson
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