Political Gossip

ed rosenthal
January 20, 2015

People in politics love to gossip; they love to speculate about potential candidates for public office and their chances for success.  They also like to pass on rumors about the health, finances, chicanery, and even the sanity of officeholders.

And therein lies the rub: politicians are considered fair game these days; few seem to be willing to grant them the right to a private life.  I say: if we are to have a representative government, if we wants our elected officials to be responsive to our needs and to deal effectively with the many issues that governance presents; we should treat them as we ourselves would wish to be treated.   We should be stern when there is malfeasance, and sympathetic when there are human problems.

I don't mean to suggest that human problems don't effect your ability to serve in office; they often do.  But difficult situations arise in all our lives.   When they arise in the life of a politician, we should ask ourselves: what would I do in those circumstances?


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