A Rock

The following poem was my reaction to the Kent State Shootings in 1970.  It is yet another sonnet ( I seem to have written a lot of them).  If I were writing the poem today, I would make the secret urge line more ambiguous, and I would make the link to Kent State more explicit. …

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Money in Politics

It's hard for most people to understand, but the only effective way to control the influence of money in politics is to limit the amount that can be spent.  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court, using logic that escapes me, has said that you can't do that.   Given the political reality that the Burger Court's mistaken decision…

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"for 'twere absurd to think that nature in the earth bred gold, perfect in the instant;
there must be remote matter." - Ben Jonson
"I don't know what the question is, but art is the answer." - Guy Conner

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